National Site Location Consultants Recognize the Pittsburgh Region’s Strategic Advantages

SiteLocationConsultants1010The Pittsburgh Regional Alliance recently hosted a group of leading site locations consultants to learn how national trends, opportunities and challenges could benefit or impact the Pittsburgh region. Meanwhile, the PRA showcased the region’s latest assets – including the fact that our diverse economy continues to outperform our 14 benchmark cities across the U.S. The site selectors emphasized the region’s strategic location to be another standout asset.

While on the ground in Pittsburgh, six of these experts shared their perspectives at the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) Developers’ Showcase. The Developers’ Showcase was held at the East End’s Bakery Square – the former Nabisco bakery recently recreated as a highly innovative, sustainable, mixed-use development. Panelists included: Charlotte-based Mark Beattie of Hickey & Associates, LLC; New Jersey-based Brian Corde of Atlas Insight, LLC; Cleveland-based Jonathan Gemmen of Austin Consulting; Jonathan L. Sangster of CBRE Consulting, based in Atlanta; Steve Vierck of Austin-based AngelouEconomics; and Joseph Vranich of The Business Relocation Coach, based in California.