Investment Aid in Europe: H&A, Thomson Reuters release joint white paper

Hickey and Associates

H&A is excited to share the joint effort white paper with Thomson Reuters. Investment Aid in Europe: 2016 Regional Update provides analysis and updates of European policies and programs dealing with economic development and investment aid in Europe. To download and enjoy this free white paper, visit the Thomson Reuters Pinpointer website.

Investment Aid in Europe: 2016 Regional Update
When seeking to invest in Europe, businesses looking to take advantage of investment incentives must be aware of a variety of  rules and policies that are now in effect, particularly how they differ from programs in other parts of the world. Developed and administered by the European Commission, new guidelines dictate the ability for European Union (EU) Member States to deliver fiscal aid to businesses. In addition, the EU has introduced a program to encourage and expand R&D activities throughout their membership — altogether, there is nearly €80 billion earmarked for the new R&D roadmap.
To read more, visit the Thomson Reuters Pinpointer website.