Mark Beattie, Principal at Hickey & Associates, LLC, was invited to speak at the July 2011 Kansas City Area Development Council (KCADC) meeting in Kansas City, MO. Mark was invited on behalf of Hickey & Associates as part of an effort to bring together leading location consultants and their firms to better familiarize them with the area and Kansas City’s team of community partners. Mark shared his insights on the current corporate mindset for relocations and expansions, as well as his take on the competitiveness of the Kansas City region and the importance for transparency and accountability between public/private partnership

In an effort to strengthen accountability and transparency between public/private partnerships, Hickey & Associates developed a new standard in public incentive tracking and analysis. Mark introduced this development known as the Public Incentive Management System (PIMS). PIMS is a tracking system that allows states, cities, and regions administering incentive programs to enhance transparency and reduce costs while identifying programs that may be under performing. Due to diminishing budgets and a push for greater transparency, it is now more important than ever for governments to effectively track all expenditures, especially public incentives and subsidies provided to corporate investors.

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